Getting the Posture and the Position Right When Playing Guitar.

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Correct posture and finger placement is crucial for beginners learning to play the guitar. In this lesson, you will learn how to get into a good posture and place your fretting fingers correctly. Once you learn and practice the right position, it will eventually become a habit and will help you play well.

Understanding classical and rock posture

The ideal posture for playing varies depending on what you are are playing. If you are playing classical guitar, you must put the guitar on the leg that is towards your fretting hand. So, if you are right handed, your guitar will be on your left leg. If you are playing rock or pop, put your guitar on the leg that is towards your strumming hand. So, for right-handed players, the guitar will be on the right leg.

Using the correct posture helps you play better. Using classical posture for pop or rock can look a bit strange and is not recommended, but it is not unheard of. There are quite a few professional guitarists who play pop or rock with the classical posture.

Adjusting the leg position for comfort

I find it helpful to raise my right knee a little while playing. This helps me hold the guitar close to my body and keep it tight and stable. To do this, I raise my knee slightly, keep only my right toes on the floor and usually rest the heel against the chair leg. You don’t have to do this, but there is no harm if it helps. I do it, and people often ask about this.

There is another way of achieving the same thing. Instead of raising your knee, you can also cross your right leg and put it over the left leg if you are right handed. This brings your right thigh closer to your stomach, creating a V-shaped space near your right hip. You can now place the guitar here and hold it tightly.

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Getting the Posture and the Position Right When Playing Guitar.

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